Hawkins Hosts Works Experience Students

Hawkins Hosts Works Experience Students from Chenderit School 

We had the pleasure of hosting both Kai and Taylor from Chenderit School for their work experience.

Kai’s week was split across several departments getting a taste of office life and working on site! Kai was able to learn about our shared service functions and see our operational teams in action!

“I learnt a lot from Hawkins as a whole and had a great time with it all I learnt the ins and outs of the office environment and what it all goes towards and achieves.
I’m grateful to have gotten to experience everything first hand and see everything happen. Everyone was lovely and gave me a great experience here at Hawkins.
This has been a great week, thank you all.” – Kai

Taylor is interested to pursue a career in Finance and so spent her week in our Accounts department learning all things finance!

“Since never working in an office I am grateful I have been able to work with the finance team. The work experience has allowed me to have a greater understanding of how finance works and how closely finance and procurement interlink with each other.
I now have a better idea of what career path I would like to explore and go down.
Thank you for letting me work alongside you this week!” – Taylor

Both, Kai and Taylor, were a great asset to the team and we wish them every success for the future.