The Hawk Walk

The Hawkins Group of Companies is excited to announce their latest investment – The Hawk Walk: a full virtual reality experience of a project before construction starts.

As a modern and forward-thinking company, Hawkins is always looking to innovate and works hard to stay one step ahead, and using the latest technology is a key part of their success. Following on from a fantastic 2019, the board of directors has further enhanced their design process by introducing customers to the very latest design experience from virtual reality systems.

This stunning new package allows customers to take ‘The Hawk Walk’ around their project at the design stage. Not only will they see their project before construction work has begun, but they can also take a virtual reality ‘Hawk Walk’ around their building before creation. This state of the art software works by having the customer stand on a virtual reality treadmill that supports them around their waist. Integrated motion sensors track direction and walking speed; the software creates a 3D virtual building around them.

This highly advanced piece of equipment works seamlessly with the company’s in-house BIM software, so clients can also make real-time design updates. While exploring and inspecting their virtual building, changes can be requested on the spot; they’ll be made there and then by one of the experienced in-house design technicians.