Our Fabrication Facility

Hawkins Steel’s in-house manufacturing workshop provides the group with a phenomenal and vast array of skills and knowledge, not only to the benefit of Hawkins but to our clients.

Our experienced fabricators work with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and bronze. They work with precision and attention to detail, to ensure a top-class finish is achieved for all our client’s structural steel, mezzanines, feature staircases, architectural balustrades, handrails and balconies.

We have invested heavily over the past 18 months, the installation of our new FICEP Excalibur drill line is a testament to our commitment to challenge the way we do things and to continually look at ways to improve efficiency. This was a £250,000 investment and enables Hawkins to have full control over the processing of our structural steel requirements, the milling and etching attachment that marks all the plate locations is particularly beneficial, we have seen a 25% increase in productivity since its introduction.