Our Style Acre chaps celebrate 2 years at Hawkins!

This week we’re celebrating 2 years since Glen and Ollie, our Style Acre chaps started working for the Hawkins Group.

Style Acre is a charity set up to support and nurture young adults with learning disabilities with the aim of giving them the opportunity to realise their full potential

Since joining the company Glenn and Ollie have become much loved members of the team and always show up on time full of enthusiasm ready to start work.

They undertake a range of tasks put together for them on a weekly basis by our receptionist Jo, when they arrive Jo will take them through their tasks for the day and help to execute them.

These tasks include anything from shredding and watering the plants to working out in our steel workshop or stocking up the printers and office supplies – They also use their own initiatives and bring with them lists of tasks that they’d like to do.

Ollie’s favourite job to do is work out in the workshop helping to paint the steel, whilst Glenn prefers to stay in the office and do the shredding or delivering the post.

When asked what they had learnt from working with us they said that they had learnt how to handle more responsibility by completing their tasks, how to be more respectful of others and how to work well alongside others.