Mike heads north to checkout progress on a site

Hawking Projects Limited working at Catesby Tunnel

Mike Hawkins has just returned from a visit to one of our larger sites up north to see how Hawkins Projects Limited are managing the site, and also look at the quality and progress of Hawkins Roofing Limited.

This has been a challenging project, to say the least, and very much a team effort in both the design and construction of the structures, but also the sequencing of installing and waterproofing them. It has taken over 8 months to get to this stage!

This is another great example of the very best that Hawkins has to offer and when departments collaborate to create a workable solution. Special mention has to go to Dave Elliot and James Morrison, who have been instrumental in the successful delivery of this project.

Well done to all! Proud of our performance, it just goes to show, when you employ great people, you get great results.