Hawkins Celebrate 40 Year Anniversary!

This year The Hawkins Group celebrates our 40th Anniversary, After Hawkins Roofing Ltd began in 1978 as a stand alone company we have grown from strength to strength, Hawkins Steel Ltd was added in 2001 with Hawkins Projects Ltd being established in 2015.

In that time the company has grown from being a sole trader offering industrial roofing services to a group of companies employing over sixty members of staff and offering a wide range of services also including steel stock holding and custom fabrication and construction project management.

On Friday we held a summer BBQ in order to celebrate our success and growth over the last 40 years and to thank our staff for their loyalty, hard work and continued support. As with any Hawkins gathering, a good time was had by all and it was a chance for all areas of the business to come together and take part in the celebration!

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