Roofing Refurbishment

Hawkins Roofing were awarded the contract to undertake a compete survey of the building envelope on the large indoor skateboard park at the Deeside Leisure Centre. Following on from the completion of the survey works, Hawkins worked directly with Flintshire County Council and ISG to develop a refurbishment specification for the building in line with the clients requirement for the installation of PV’s to the roof.

Hawkins completed the installation of an over clad roof system to the complete roof area of circa 3,500m2. The over clad roofing system provided a cost effective weathered roof covering that also offered warranties for the works for 25 years. On completion of the works a The new Roof’s slim, high-performance SOLbond Integra crystalline photovoltaic modules are bonded directly to R32 roof sheets. Specifically designed for metal roofs, they provide a high power, lightweight (less than 10kg/m² solution that is easily supported by the roof structure. The high quality panels and inverters installed at the leisure centre are networked into the building management control system. The roof system is expected to provide an annual electricity saving of 39MWh and is also predicted to yield investment payback within a decade.

Client: ISG Leisure
Contract Value: £350,000
Duration: 12 Weeks
Location: West Queensferry, Flintshire
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