Roof Penetrations and Internal Wall

Hawkins Roofing Ltd was awarded the contract for the design, supply and installation of roofing penetrations and an internal dividing wall at this high-tech laundry facility in Dartford, Kent.

The newly built premises called for 120 new roofing penetrations to be installed to allow for the extraction of heat and steam from inside the laundry.

The internal wall was required to create two separate working areas within the laundry (one for soiled and one for clean linen). This called for a complex design that would provide resistance for some high-pressure wind uplift calculations due to the sequence and quantity of the high-speed sectional door operations. It was also important to incorporate roof deflection of up to 360mm whilst still keeping each side of the laundry completely sealed off from one another.

Due to the enormity of the internal structures and appliances it was vital that the works were installed to pinpoint accuracy and on time.

Client: Elis
Duration: 6 Weeks
Contract Value: £175,000
Location: Dartford, Kent
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