Hawkins Steel Limited Achieve The CE Marking Certificate

Hawkins Steel Limited has been awarded certificate of registration for the manufacture and production of steel and aluminum items in line with BE EN 1090 of the Construction Products Regulations 2013 (CPR). The Construction Products Regulations (CPR) of 1989 was conceived in order to provide a common framework across the whole of the European Union to ensure the integrity of buildings and construction works.

Fabricated steel components are  “safety critical”, if you are involved in the manufacture or supply of these products then under the CPR it is now a legal requirement for you to adhere to the stringent requirements of BS EN 1090.

What is CE Marking

If you were manufacturing a safety critical item you would want to know that the manufacture has Traceability, compliance and verification throughout the manufacturing process. The CE award of certification / registration is confirmation that you have all of these in place.

Some key controls of the process are:

  • Material certification of analysis, testing and storage
  • Staff training, testing and qualification
  • Equipment calibration
  • Consumable certification and control
  • Quality control and testing of product
  • Control of records and documents, including control off issue
  • Product identification and marking
  • Internal audit
  • Control of non-conforming product

Download our Guide to CE Marking for more information or contact our sales team for further information and we will guide you through our process.

Download CE Marking Guide PDF