Flood Defence System

Hawkins Projects were awarded the contract to and build a reinforced flood defence system in Huddersfield to reduce the flood risk of the canal and river running through the town during times of bad weather.

The wall was built as an extension to continue an existing partial flood defense system that was already in place and to replace the current steel railing barrier.

The clients brief was for an engineered reinforced wall that would with stand the pressure of high water levels whilst also being in keeping with the existing wall and surroundings.

With thicker than usual foundations and a reinforced concrete center the wall guaranteed to protect against a 100-year flood.
Once complete the wall was then faced with local reclaimed stone to be in keeping with the existing wall and its surroundings.

Client:Hillsdon Trust
Duration: 5 Weeks
Contract Value: £85,000
Location: Huddersfield
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